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  • Well Location Characterization: documents all structures, improvements, and wellhead features and attributes.  Calculates area for reclamation purposes. Positional accuracy is less than 1 m which meets Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) regulations.  Includes photo documentation as well.  (Details)
  • Pipeline Documentation: documents pipeline and location using visual inspection or right-of-way (ROW) markers.  Options exist to incorporate "as builts" depth, calculate over the ground distance, etc. see Disclaimer 2(Details)
  • Truck Routing: CNCC_LLC can add your company supplied locations to off –the-shelf GPS navigation units, e.g. -- Garmin Nuvii.  Options exist for obtaining geospatial data for your company locations.  See Disclaimer 4 regarding navigational efficiencies. (Details)
  • Training: instruction of listed or customized courses at your site or via distance -- delivery.  Special fees may apply.  (Details)
  • Landscape Analyses: customized, scientific investigation of the landscape, flora, fauna, topography, or bathymetry.  (Details)
  • Aerial Photography: color aerial images embedded with geo-coordinates.  Special prices and certain restrictions apply.  (Details)
  • Data conversion: converts hardcopy or other non-GIS information to GIS data format.  Priced by the hour.  (Details)
  • Real Property Inventory: spatial and attribute data collected to your accuracy requirements.  Priced by the hour.  (Details)
  • Information Technology Help: technical help in setting up your servers, network, or workstation technologies, especially as it pertains to GIS.  (Details)
  • Data Project Details: CNCC_LLC provides all data collected and used in analysis.  (Details)
  • Google Earth format: many circumstances do not require the expense and complexity of professional GIS software.  Truck routing and asset tracking are good examples of this.  CNCC_LLC can provide data in KML/kmz format for use in Google Earth, a light client, freeware mapping application. see Disclaimer 3.   (Details)
  • Office charges: pre-and post-data preparation see   (Details)

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Disclaimer: 1
When considering fine-scale (coarse-grained) mapping projects, note that  the maps, data, diagrams, and/or drawings created are representations of the landscape.  No guarantee as to their geospatial accuracy is expressed or implied.

Disclaimer: 2
Vertical position, i.e. -- depth, of buried lines is to be supplied by client drawings unless otherwise arranged.  Pipeline assumed to lay within 2 m either side of markers.  Assume buried pipe and exposed pipe have same dimensions.  Exposed lines guaranteed accurate to within 1 m.  No horizontal or vertical accuracy expressed or implied on buried lines.

Disclaimer: 3
Due to ambiguities in Google Earth’s spatial reference frame, no accuracy is expressed or implied for data provided in KML/KMZ   format.

Disclaimer: 4
Due to differences in proprietary algorithms and road maps between GPS Navigators, no guarantee of navigational efficiency is expressed or implied.

Disclaimer: 5
Regarding Buried Features such as wellheads| Although CNCC_LLC has been 90% successful in finding buried wellheads, locating ferrous objects such as a wellhead is often complicated because other items from a reclaimed location are buried alongside marking and/or monument plates. Large metal objects yield false readings and concrete obstructions block or hinder excavation. Purported positions for wells have been more than mile distant to the actual site. Due to many factors beyond our control, CNCC_LLC cannot guarantee a successful locate of below ground or underwater objects.

Disclaimer: 6
Assumes features visible and readily accessible.

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