CNCC GIS and Environmental Consultants LLC (CNCC_LLC) specializes in GIS/GPS training.  We offer introductory instruction for companies implementing this technology and can provide advanced training tailored to your industry.  Students completing courses having assessments, i.e. -- homework, examinations, and projects, will receive a "Certificate of Completion".  Remember however, courses can be audited.

To facilitate retention and in order to cover all listed topics, course duration is designed to be either 20 or 40 contact hours.  For example, each hour spent receiving direct instruction is one contact hour , so a 20 hour course should require 2-hour meetings Monday through Friday evenings for two weeks.  There is great flexibility in when the instruction can be provided and not much flexibility in the time needed for the instruction.

Please note that instruction can be provided at your facility or via distance-delivery. Consult FAQs for additional information and requirements needed to implement this technology.

See Table 1 for courses, contact hours, and  brief descriptions.  Click on the hyperlinks to see the course syllabus and/or detailed learning objectives.

Table 1  Course Descriptions and Details

Course Name

Contact Hours

Description/ Objectives/core topics: 

GIS Lite

Topic Guide


An introduction to digital mapping and recreation grade GPS.  Course teaches concepts geared to those individuals new to digital mapping (perhaps mapping in general) and to basic GPS.

  • Students learn the basics of Google Earth
  • How to operate and collect data with their recreation grade GPS receiver
  • How to incorporate that data into Google Earth. 

Note: not all GPS units are Google Earth friendly so call for advice before purchasing one.

GIS Basic

Topic Guide


Introduction to professional grade GIS desktop software, includes introduction to recreation grade GPS.

  • Explain GIS theory and describe some applications for its use.  Describe basic IT conventions and hardware/software requirements.  Define standard GIS data formats, their primary uses, and the need for accurate metadata documentation.  Incorporate these various data types, including remotely collected data (event themes) into a map project.
  • Demonstrate competency in both feature (vector -- graphic) and attribute manipulation and editing.  Demonstrate proficiency with relational databases in record-keeping and analysis.  Construct models for simple and complex analyses of vector data and its associated tabular records through such methods as query (SQL), buffer, and overlay.
  • Define the essential elements of geographic and projected coordinate systems; identify and alter data set coordinate projection.
  • Construct and present a map document that is appropriately symbolized and annotated.  The presented document should also contain additional explanatory text, tables, or charts, and aesthetic graphic artwork.

GIS Advanced

Topic Guide


Introduction to advanced GIS techniques such as map algebra, raster manipulation, model builder, etc.

  • Demonstrate basic programming literacy as it relates to GIS operation and analysis.  Discuss work flow charting, input/output, and operations.  Demonstrate novice proficiency with model builder.
  • Describe the characteristics and operations that can be performed upon the major GIS data types: raster, vector, and TIN.  Contrast the strengths and weaknesses of the listed data types. Demonstrate novice proficiency with geodatabase information.
  • Apply various techniques to import, transform, or otherwise generate GIS data; such as image analysis and reclassification of satellite imagery or digitizing legacy documents.
  • Find solutions to real-world problems such as reservoir siltation or fire hazard danger through sound reasoning, thorough planning (e.g. -- flow charting), model construction, and new data synthesis.
  • Demonstrate basic proficiency in 3-D manipulation and animation, ArcGlobe technologies, GPS Pathfinder Office, and Crystal Reports software.

GPS Receiver


Receive training on your GPS receiver.  Remember, cost varies widely by unit.

CNCC_LLC is familiar with:

  • Garmin (various models)
  • Trimble Juno “series”
  • Trimble Geo “series”
  • Topcon HiPerlite “series”

Call for a quote!

GPS desktop software


  • Trimble Pathfinder Office
  • Topcon TopServ Tools


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